34 Weeks Pregnant and Proud
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What to Expect at 34 weeks pregnant

At 34 weeks your big day is less than 2 months away but don't start counting down the days just yet. Most babies don't arrive on their due date and some can be as much as two weeks late. Every week from now on is going to be different to the last as you and your baby continue to go through changes. Here is what to expect at 34 weeks pregnant.

Your Baby at 34 Weeks Pregnant

At 34 weeks pregnant, your baby will measure approximately 45 cm long, and weigh almost 5Ibs. (About the same size as a cantaloupe) As they continue gaining weight so that their body temperature is regulated after birth their skin becomes smooth and they begin to round out in shape. Your little one will keep moving as normal as they become more conscious of their surroundings. They will move in a familiar pattern until the end of the pregnancy but the movements will feel slightly different as they get bigger.

At this stage, your babies hearing will be fully developed, and they will be able to hear you so it is a good idea to start speaking to your child so that they begin to recognize your voice. Keeping in mind that they are very receptive to high pitched tones.

Their lungs are almost fully developed as they prepare to enter the world and breathe on their own. They will also have full grown finger and toe nails.

If you are expecting a baby boy, his testicles will start to move further into the scrotum.

Changes to Your Body at 34 Weeks Pregnant

During your antenatal visit, your midwife will start preparing you for labor, and let you know what you should do if you start having contractions or if your waters break. She will also pay close attention to any swelling in your hands, face and ankles, as this can be a sign of preeclampsia. If you have been suffering from blurred vision or headaches, make sure that you mention this to the midwife as it can also be a sign of preeclampsia.

Now is the time to start saving your energy for labor and motherhood. When sitting or lying down for long periods of time, take great care when getting up as any sudden movements can cause blood to rush to your legs and feet causing a temporary drop in blood pressure which will make you feel dizzy.

At 34 weeks pregnant you might notice itchy red welts or bumps on your stomach, thighs or buttocks; these are symptoms of 'urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy.' Also abbreviated as PUPPP. Around 1 percent of women develop PUPPP during pregnancy, it is a harmless condition but just very uncomfortable. If you are experiencing these symptoms, make sure that you visit your doctor who will prescribe you with the necessary treatment.

If you feel intense itching all over your body but you don't have a rash, go and see your doctor as it could be a problem with your liver.

Final Thought

This is a good week to put the finishing touches on your nursery. The closer you get to the birth the less you are going to feel like doing this, so recruit some friends and family members to give you a helping hand.

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symptoms of 34 weeks of pregnancy
symptoms of 34 weeks of pregnancy